December 29, 2021

Runagon Infinity

Connor Byram

Sometimes love sneaks into your life in a collection of tiny, unacknowledged moments, and other times it hits you like a ton of lizard-shaped bricks. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard is the latter kind of love for me. Prior to my obsession I had heard a few songs that I enjoyed, but nothing completely clicked for me… UNTIL The Flying Microtonal Banana. This album set the foundation for my deep love of King Giz. The chorus-like effect of the dueling drum kits, the tight microtonal scales, the hypnotic repetition of the vocals… I was charmed by all of it. 

I referred to this piece of music several times throughout Season One, mostly in relation to microtones. That is, in western music, we play in half step intervals, but in some eastern traditions they cut these intervals into quarters- So a 12-note scale becomes a 24-note scale


Just when I thought I had burnt out my ear for psychedelic rock, KGLW brought me back and added a whole new depth to my experience. Shortly after my affair with The Flying Microtonal Banana, I discovered their prior release, Nonagon Infinity- Nine (NONAGON) heart pounding songs that play as one song, slowly evolving and reprising itself into (INFINITY). When the album “ends” it picks right back up where it began.

This album became significant to me during the beginning of the COVID pandemic, when I began to lose control over my anxiety and depression. During this time I was experiencing a rapid increase in panic episodes as well as dissociation and depersonalization. I was really struggling to keep it together, and often still do. Yet, despite how I may feel, Nonagon Infinity always picks me up and puts me back in my body. It has become my morning playlist, my work productivity “hack” (gross), my depression cherry, my levity.

"said ankle"

After a long hiatus from running, due to an ankle injury, I have started to dabble with some light jogging. This happened to collide with the pinnacle of my Nonagon Infinity experience. I have not put on any other album during a jog since. It’s inherent driving nature and the reinvigoration that occurs in its transitions makes it the perfect motivational backdrop. I have even begun using the album to measure improvement, hitting play and seeing how far I can run before the album ends.


Thus, R U N A G O N  I N F I N I T Y was birthed: 9 Songs. 41 Minutes and 45 Seconds. You. The Pavement. King Giz.


BONUS: If you are feeling a little spicy, try looping the album.

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