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Season 2

Hey, c'mere for a second; we wanna tell you something...

Season two is all about you...and our guests, of course. We're going to shut our traps and endeavor to create a space where our guests, from all backgrounds, can share their perspectives on music, life, creativity, growth, and all that good stuff.

Join us for this super brief intro on the season and we will see you back here on January 26, 2022 for our first full episode of Season Two with Seancarlo Ohlin of Modern Times and Fuzz Coffee Roasters. We dove head first into Connor's all-time favorite ensemble and a previously unreleased collection of early tracks from the venerable King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

Oh, and speaking of King Gizz; if you haven't tried your own edition of RUNAGON/CYCLAGON INFINITY yet, get after it and by all means, report back!


Season 1

Welcome to Virgin Ears, the podcast that seeks to smash the expectation that growing up means growing out of curiosity, discovery, and exploration. This first season (mainly) consisted of episodes where Connor and Andrew took turns selecting an album that the other had not heard, and giving them the homework of listening to the album for 3-4 days before jumping on the mics. We did have the opportunity to have on guests Adam Lenox (Lingua Nada), Owen Davis (Interference Series), and Luke Messimer. We had so much fun with those episodes that we decided to make Season 2 all about the guests.


We’re really grateful you’ve decided to join us on this journey. Jump on to our Instagram for updates and to engage further with the podcast. View the episode story highlights to hear the clips references in the episodes. 


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