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Follow your hosts Andrew & Connor as they challenge one another to annihilate the idea that experiencing new things can’t be a lifelong
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Virgin Ears – 003 – Artist: El Guincho, Album: Hiperasia

April 28th, 2021

Virgin Ears - Episode 3 - April 28, 2021

Artist: El Guincho - Album: Hiperasia

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Connor's Picks:

Favorite Moments

  1. Track 5, De Bugas , 01:20
  2. Track 9, Muchos Boys , 01:11
  3. Track 13, Zona Wi-Fi, 01:45

 Overall Favorite

  1. Track 2, Comix, 01:38


Andrew's Picks:

Favorite Moments

  1. Track 3, Pizza, 00:00 (from the beginning)
  2. Track 4, Sega, 01:14
  3. Track 7, Stena Drillmax, 00:00 (from the beginning) 
  4. Track 6, Parte Virtual, 01:17

 Overall Favorite

  1. Track 9, Muchos Boys, 00:00 (from the beginning)


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