April 6, 2022

Season 2 Episode 06: Timothy OBrien

The Life and Times

Tragic Boogie

Celebration Guns | Midtown Music Lessons

Timothy OBrien’s relationship with music began as early as his first memory—laying as a newborn looking up at some mysterious towering cathedral… later learned to be his father’s 7-piece drum set. Tim grew up in Chicagoland, living the typical dreary and dreamy adolescent life being inspired by mathy and post-rock bands. He later relocated to Phoenix to complete his studies in musicology at Arizona State University. He currently plays in Celebration Guns, and operates Midtown Music, a local lessons studio. Timothy also studies Indian classical music under Prafulla Athalye, a world renown tabla maestro. His solo album, Mantra was self released in 2016.


Join the Spicy Boys, along with Timothy OBrien, as we navigate what it means to be mindful about our intake of various objects, eating a cake made almost exclusively out of ghee, and -- of course -- the sultry sounds of The Life and Times in their 2009 release, Tragic Boogie.

Timothy OBrien is an incredibly gracious and talented musician, known for his work with Celebration Guns. He also owns and operates Midtown Music Lessons and has recently released a solo album: Mantra

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