June 29, 2022

Season 2 Episode 12: Sim Bartholomew (SEIMS)

Lack the Low

God Carrier

SEIMS & a ton of other rad shit


Have you ever bore witness to the sparking of an amazing friendship: one which will transcend time and space, stand up to the weathering of the ages, and bring mere mortals to the edge of pure wonderment and awe?

Season 2 Episode 12 is one such moment, so hold on and get ready for the ride along with your hosts, Connor and Andrew, and their guest Sim Bartholomew of Sydney-based orchestral-experimental-math-post-rock ensemble SEIMS.

Originally conceived as a learning project, SEIMS' "FOUR" debuted at #7 on Australia's Independent charts following its release in October 2021 and will be featured on the Saturday main stage at ArcTanGent 2022 in Compton Martin, England this August.

Oh, and remember: send memes.

Show Notes:



On the web

On Bandcamp

On Instagram

FOUR on Bandcamp

SEIMS "FOUR" debuted at #7 on Australia's Independent charts

Sim's Magnificent Side-projects

Birdman: Or the Unexpected Virtue of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Cover Band




Simeon Bartholomew (solo)


On Bandcamp





The Crooked Fiddle Band

The Physics House Band

Delta Sleep

Adam Betts

Had to do some digging to confirm, but Adam Betts has Shobaleader One on his website under VIDEO.

Delta Sleep



Les Claypool (Primus, et al)


Who is Steve Albini

Will Yip – Record producer (CIrca Survive, mewithoutYOU, Turnstile)


Psytrance, with its connections to Goa Trance, has direct connections to World Music and Raga traditions from India. Credit: musicmap.info

Art is Catharsis – record label

Psyko Steve Presents – Phoenix, Ariz.

SAVE OUR STAGES and the National Independent Venue Association

Puscifer. The Store – Jerome, Ariz.

And now for a weird, random connection, or how I was reminded there are few degrees of separation between us and most other things.
We referenced Tachyons+ in S2E10 (Micah Hummel) and in this episode, we talk about Adam Betts, a member of the Squarepusher live band Shobaleader One, other members of which are involved in the band STROBES, who used Tachyons+ hardware to create promo images, music video, and packaging (album art) for their debut LP 

And now a word on Andrew's obsession with ArcTanGent Festival

2022 ArcTanGent lineup

WHOOOOOOO PAPI, look at that lineup!

Hold on gang. Matty's "Just a Dash" series is a fucking ride.

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