November 18, 2021

Season 1 Episode 17: Season Finale

Where we've been; where we're going


Well gang. We made it! Connor and I have really had a blast exploring all that this thing could be (that's a lie, we definitely could have made it way weirder) in its infancy and we're ready to take the diapers off the pod and get it set up with some pull-ups.

While we’re taking a few months off to develop season two and start taping some SUPER exciting episodes, we won’t be missing from your feeds entirely. We’ll be hanging out here on Instagram as well as developing some new stuff on our website – that’s virginearspodcast dot com

Thanks so much for hanging with us this season; we hope you learned something new about all the music that’s out there, something new about yourself, or something new about the world.

If you haven’t caught up on all 17 episodes in season one, now’s the time! Share the pod with a friend and we’ll catch you all soon.


Show Notes:

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