March 9, 2022

Season 2 Episode 04: Nate Dohse

Ruston Kelly

Shape & Destroy

AGD Entertainment, Fight the Quiet

Nate is a creative, experienced and energetic entrepreneur with over a decade in the music industry. Skilled in many facets of the Entertainment business, from Artist Management to Label Relations & Promotions as well as Live Events Production. Nate is passionate about his craft and dedicated to helping artists reach their musical goals.


In this episode, Andrew and Connor catch up with Nate Dohse, President of AGD Entertainment in Nashville, TN. Nate selected Ruston Kelly's 2020 album "Shape & Destroy", in part about getting sober – follow the conversation on stops at the music industry, Spotify, sobriety, and more spicy topics!

Show Notes:


Fight the Quiet

Hold on, gang; there were a lot of mentions in this episode, so we're going to try and break it into categories for easy consumption.


Album references:

Artist references:


Fight the Quiet The City Below "travel vlog" vol. one

Pedal steel guitar, Image: Wikipedia

Cool Reverb video on Pedal Steel (feat. Robert Randolph)

Andrew's crusty old, but unopened (sorry Nate), copy of "The City Below"

Andrew (L) and Nate (R) in a multi-exposure image from the Fight the Quiet Los Angeles Showcase at The Mint in 2012. This photo was taken about 24 hours before what became a nearly infinite trip to Las Vegas.



In the off chance you're in Flagstaff and want to get a cuppa from White Dove Coffee...

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