June 1, 2022

Season 2 Episode 10: Micah Hummel


The Knees Start to Go

Micah Hummel is a sought-after drummer, composer, and music educator based out of Portland, Oregon. After relocating from the Sonoran Desert in 2013, Micah has already established himself as an essential part of the creative music scene in the Pacific Northwest. His versatile and balanced sound has led him to be a go-to collaborator for Portland artists such as George Colligan, Louis Pain, Moorea Masa, Tony Starlight, and Coco Columbia. While in school Micah was awarded the Jeannine B. Cowles endowed scholarship and the Bradford Merserau Jr. endowed scholarship at Portland State University. Honing his craft throughout the last decade, Micah is known for his specialty in cross-genre sounds and contemporary jazz. Micah has performed around the globe in cities such as Toronto, Beijing, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Vienna. Micah always enjoys getting to share music with people and the opportunity to connect with other cultures through his instrument.


One of the best things about hosting this podcast is getting to connect with truly amazing creatives that we know or know of by just a few degrees of separation; people that have been locked in some lovely binary orbit with us, drifting through time and space.This episode's guest is one such person. Micah Hummel is a percussionist and musician based out of Portland, OR who has an incredible list of contribution credits to his name and who, by way of the pandemic, will be releasing his first solo offering later this year on an instrument he, for all intents and purposes, just picked up. We hope you enjoy today's episode with our guest, Micah Hummel.

Show Notes:


Check Micah out on Bandcamp

Micah on Instagram

Collaborators and stuff:

Alex Meltzer on Bandcamp

Alex Meltzer on Instagram

Sama Dams

Anna Tivel

Quickly, Quickly

Moorea Masa



Peep the Event Horizon movie at the very beginning; that movie scared the shit out of me as a kid –Andrew


Alex Oliverio

Ape School


The Notwist

Department of Eagles

Mid Air Thief

  1. supplemental reading on 공중도둑 mid-air-thief)

Rachika Nayar

Ian Chang

  1. Solo
  2. with Son Lux

Haley Heynderickx

Gilad Hekselman


Sunhouse percussion

Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble

MIDI - noun


abbreviation for Musical Instrument Digital Interface: a system for allowing electronic musical instruments to communicate with each other

*Cambridge Dictionary

Alex Meltzer and Micah Hummel demonstrate their collaborative performance technique as part of the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble, feat. Sunhouse percussion and the Teenage Engineering OP series.

Ableton Max for Live device, BeatSeeker allows drummers to intelligently set the tempo of their live session.

Check out Tachyons+ for more on equipment used in DIY video glitching. NOTE: The video is referencing equipment set for the PAL standard (UK, parts of Europe, China) and not the NTSC standard (U.S., Mexico)

Connor Tunes

Garden Levels


Andrew Tunes

Soundcloud or Bandcamp

A short film about The Petrified Forest Andrew produced some years ago including an original song.

2019 Telluride MountainFilm trailer, edited by Justin Clifton, a collaborator of Andrew's including original music by Rain Echoes, a project of Andrew's with his partner Sarah.

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