February 9, 2022

Season 2 Episode 02: Logan Voss

Daniel Johnston

Hi, How Are You



Join Connor and Andrew for a conversation with Logan Voss of the Chicago-based happy, heavy math rock ensemble Snooze for a deep dive into Daniel Johnston's hyper-influential 1983 "unfinished album" Hi, How Are You.

Content warning: In this episode, we discuss a variety of topics that some listeners may find challenging or traumatic, including: mental illness/health, psychosis/psychotic episodes, drug use, suicide, depression, and commercial exploitation of mental illness or issues of mental wellness. While we discuss these topics as a mean to remove the stigma around speaking about them, if these are sensitive topics, you my want to skip this episode. Check the show notes on www.virginearspodcast.com/episodes for a summary of the discussion if you're still looking to connect with new artists or new things.

Show Notes:



Forthcoming concept LP from Snooze; release date TBA

Art: @death.is.no.end

Hold on, gang; there were a lot of mentions in this episode, so we're going to try and break it into categories for easy consumption.


Album references:

Artist references:


Daniel Johnston on NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts

Nirvana "Beans"

Jennifer Buz Clay Man video, ft. music by Daniel Johnston



Image: Kevin Mazur

Kurt Cobain Bench in Viretta Park, Seattle, Washington, USA – Image via Wikipedia



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