June 15, 2022

Season 2 Episode 11: Ghost Island (Roddy Nikpour, John Romero, Michael Arzac)

Sigur Ros

( )

Ghost Island

Ghost Island is John Romero, Roddy Nikpour, and Michael Azrac. Downer Shoegaze from Phoenix, Ariz.


It's been a really interesting experience kicking off a podcast as a "pandemic project" – rarely, if ever, sitting in the same room as co-hosts and almost never sharing a space with our guests. Despite the challenges of producing this show remotely, these conversations have remained engaging, enlightening, fun, and have quenched the thirst that is our curiosity for human beings.

In today's episode, we broke the mold a bit and invited the entire roster of Phoenix, Ariz. based "downer shoegaze" ensemble Ghost Island to join us in a discussion of Sigur Rós' 2002 LP "( )"

We hope you enjoy today's episode with our guests Roddy, John, and Michael of Ghost Island.

NOTE: In this episode, John (of Ghost Island) posits that Hammock brought a significant following to the project from previous projects which, as John suggests, were religious in nature. Hammock has disagreed with this assumption. Virgin Ears, at its core, is a project that seeks to highlight experiences from diverse and varied backgrounds. Virgin Ears values all opinions and perspectives as a means to kick off discussion and discourse and as such will not amend this episode to exclude this statement (00:18:48) and instead include this note.

Show Notes:


Ghost Island is John Romero, Roddy Nikpour, and Michael Azrac.

Ghost Island on Bandcamp

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Roddy's Projects

Lecturer, Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Ursus Colossus

The Post Office (post rock on the radio)

Sent Away, podcast (soundtrack)

John's Projects


Michael's Projects

The Swan Thief


Sigur Rós (Icelandic) translates to "Victory Rose"

Sigur Rós on Bandcamp

( ) on Bandcamp

Sigur Rós performing Untitled #8, the final track from ( ).


Burn Girl Prom Queen by Mogwai, from their album "EP+6" released in 2001.


Andrew picked this one because he's basic and: desert.

Underground Cities

Meaningless! Says the Teacher

Feuding Fathers


Ignacio Maria Gomez


This Will Destroy You / TWDY

Godspeed You! Black Emperor / GY!BE

Manchester Orchestra



Sigur Rós made a cameo in Season 4, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones, "The Lion and The Rose" – they were the minstrels at Geoffrey's wedding.

KEXP Seattle

KUER Salt Lake City

Michael builds guitar pedals, now you can too!

Musicmap shows no direct genre link between Post-Rock (or Ambient) and Contemporary Church Music or Modern Gospel– Credit: musicmap.info

CD packaging (wth 3D glasses) for Tool's 10,000 Days – Credit: u/Rimm9256

( ) CD packaging with translucent outer sleeve – Credit: discogs.com

Andrew's cat, Cassiopeia or Casse or Cat
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