October 6, 2021

Season 1 Episode 14: For Hero: For Fool


For Hero: For Fool; Yell & Ice


And now for a sports ball reference: we are rounding third on our first season of the Virgin Ears Podcast and we’re glad you’re still here and hanging with us, discovering new things, discovering old things, and pushing the boundaries of our habits.

This episode, out October 6, is about an ensemble that totally blew Andrew’s listening habits wide open and an early example, in his listening life, of extreme genre bending and fusion. We hope you enjoy! If you do, share it with a friend, follow the insta, subscribe to the pod wherever you listen: you being here makes it possible for us to do this. 🙌🏼 So thanks!

Show Notes:

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Album Spotify - For Hero:For Fool
Album Spotify - Yell & Ice
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