May 4, 2022

Season 2 Episode 08: CJ Boyd

Cher Von

Banyan Tree EP

Campaign Manager for Tucson Fight for $15. Formerly permatouring bassist. Label guy at Obsolete Media Objects. Host of Worst Show Ever podcast.


CJ Boyd brought to us the lovely, experimental sounds of Cher Von and her Banyan Tree EP. This is a great entry point for anyone curious about exploring experimental music.

CJ Boyd dropped a live album, via Gold Lion Arts, in February of 2022. All of the proceeds go directly to the Tucson Abortion Support Collective! Please go out and support our lovely guest, and most importantly, the idea that women, trans people, and gender nonconforming individuals have ownership over their own bodies and the basic human right to have safe access to abortions. (See link below to donate)

Show Notes:


CJ Boyd Live at Gold Lion Arts (proceeds to Tucson Abortion Support Clinic)

CJ Boyd - Bandcamp

Kurva Choir - Bandcamp

Kirtan Choir - Bandcamp

Kin Ships (Collaboration Album)

Live Improvisation with Cher Von (tracks 2+4)


Cher Von - Bandcamp

Banyan Tree EP - Bandcamp

Doula Von

Lending Library

Chattanooga Pulse Article: "Cher packs her bags and hits the endless road..."



Kate Bush


Coco Rosie - Grey Oceans

Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun

Wolves in the Throne Room

Mount Eerie – "Wood" vs Metal
Phil Elverum, as Mount Eerie, released a 2009 EP titled "Black Wooden" that Pitchform magazine described as "a more organic form of black metal." Read up on the EP on Pitchform

Phil Elverum & Wolves in the Throne Room remix album


Eliot Lipp


Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Eliot Lipp

Theatre Intangible - Tony Youngblood (Nashville Community Radio)-

Joyful Noise - Karl Horstender

Gold Lion Arts - Ross Hammond

Show bill – Interference Series 36.2 feat. CJ Boyd & Rain Echoes

An Introduction to the Wide World of Alternate 12-String Guitar Tunings –  Soundfly
12-String Guitar - The first four strings are doubled on an upper octave; the last two strings are doubled in unison. This creates a thicker, brighter tone than a standard 6-string guitar.

The Vietnamese 16-chord zither (Đàn Tranh, Đàn Thập Lục)
Vietnamese Zither - Learn More

Marimba | Hibike! Euphonium Wiki | Fandom
Marimba - Learn More


"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture"

-Thelonious Monk

permanence - noun [ U ]


staying the same or continuing for a long time

*Cambridge Dictionary

Tucson Fight for $15

Eva Putzova

KL's Sonoran Nature Journal: Cactus Hats and Hints of Spring | Cactus hat,  Cactus, Arizona gardening
Protecting the precious cacti from a frost


We will be updating this resource list as we learn about more. If you have any you want to add to the list drop us a message on IG or an email-

If you have the means to support any of these organizations, please do.

Tucson Abortion Support Collective

The Satanic Temple On The Offensive Campaign for access to safe abortion

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