September 1, 2021

Season 1 Episode 12: Adam Lenox

Sweet Trip

Velocity. Design. Comfort.

Lingua Nada; Zouj

I am a Leipzig based artist interested in all art forms and media. From producing records with various bands to extensively touring Europe (including the UK) with my Experimental Pop / Electronic project Lingua Nada, I don't miss a chance to expand my thoughts and skills through artworks, videos and other projects.


Shout out to the folks in the back that have been with us since episode one! Way back then (March 2021 was, objectively, about 300 years ago) we did an episode on a album called Djinn by a band called Lingua Nada.

How it's going now? Lingua Nada frontman, Adam Lenox, a.k.a. @zouuuj joined us for a spirited discussion about @sweet_trip_official 's WAY AHEAD OF ITS TIME 2003 release "Velocity:Design:Comfort." and, in the process shared with us revalations on playing in basements, Bach's tiny church, and ranch dressing.

Show Notes:

Artist Bandcamp
Album Spotify
Artist Spotify

Adam's Mentions:

Zouj Bandcamp

Zouj Spotify

Tagat "Mixtape" Spotify

OddVenture (Label)

Balcony DC Bandcamp

Kahal Bandcamp

Humans as Ornaments Bandcamp


Baba Roga


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